Thomas increased his motivation to secure work and within 6 weeks he had found work.

Why did you attend the AVision course?

My cousin invited me to attend a workshop that was going to inspire me towards achieving my own goals. To be honest that’s what I needed at the time, a bit of motivation but I was still sceptical, never the less I went and I’m glad I did.

What did you take from the course?

It was a positive environment structured for us to reflect and for us to understand our own limitless capabilities. I became more enthusiastic about my future after setting effective goals for myself.

What positive changes have you made since the course?

I now have a job working with the council and finally things are looking up, onwards and upwards!

Please share an inspiring message to all those that aspire more for themselves

Whatever your circumstances, never lose hope within yourself, you can aspire to be anything, just put your mind and soul to it, you’ll see the change, my life has changed a lot!


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