After attending our Realise your Vision course Jenny has achieved qualification after qualification and is now a Professional Holistic Massage Therapist.

What’s been your experience of the Realise your Vision course?

Well since participating on your first course, I have not only achieved 1 qualification but 3. All in massage therapy and what a journey it’s been thus far.  I am now a Professional Holistic Massage Therapist providing an affordable community orientated service to support well-being through touch. I certainly have AVision to thank you for that.

your course was MOST helpful and came at a time of directional turmoil, which I am balancing much better. My vision board has yet to be made but, I still have a mental picture of what, where and which field of self employment I wish to pursue.

The next thing on my agenda is to obtain further qualifications in Hot and Cold Stone MassageTherapy, Aroma Therapy (to produce specific topical products) and Reflexology Therapy.

Thank you for giving me the push, encouragement and confidence in manifesting a thought I had many years ago.

I now know what my purpose is, What a fantastic feeling. “To know” “I” want to be known for my Massage and who knows perhaps teach or lecture in the subject.
Once again thank you as I am now very clear in my mind!

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