Constant rejection, a lack of direction, hopelessness. These are just some of the many challenges faced by the long-term unemployed.

Many face a crisis of confidence and are unable to recognise the skills and talents they have. This makes self promotion  – a skill essential to job interviews as well as self employment – very difficult.  

How we help

AVision works in partnership with employment agencies to support people who feel crippled by their employment situation.   

We deliver workshops which engage and emphasize existing strengths and attributes. This in turn reactivates self-belief and breathes confidence back in to abilities.

Our motivational workshops and courses prepare people with soft skills and tools needed for sustainable employment and self employment.

Supporting individuals to realise how their passions can be turned into profitable business’ and providing guidance including employability skills and interview techniques for those looking to bag their dream job role!

“To talk in an open honest group and see that I wasn't the only one struggling, that was something which really helped me. I felt incredibly supported. This course really put things into perspective and opened my mind to the opportunities around me.”

Muzakhir Hussain, AVision participant
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