The past has no power over me!

Since 2012 we have worked extensively with probationary services providing life-changing, accredited courses for those in and out of custody.

The knowledge and experience we’ve gained along the way has taught us that, many offenders possess raw skill and talent. If this is tapped in to and channeled correctly,  it can ultimately kick start a bright and successful new future for them.  

 On June 8th 2015, AVision had a article published on the SWM CRC website HERE.  This includes a video created by SWM CRC showcasing our works, feedback from service users and a report (under video) which demonstrates our quality and effectiveness.

Empowerment Day Workshop

This dynamic workshop will increase self-confidence, and will provide skills and tools needed to succeed in their chosen career pathway whether it be education, training, employment or self employment.

Accredited Self Empowerment Course

Open College Network West Midlands Level 1 Award in Employability and Development Qualification ‘Developing Personal Development Skills’

This empowering holistic course consists of unique workshops that are designed to ignite self-belief, provide the tools for self awareness, the skills to overcome personal barriers and inspire people to achieve THEIR own goals so that they empower themselves and others. It enables individuals to attain self awareness, allowing them to face themselves head on and eventually overcome their deepest hindrances. Once clients understand and accept what is holding them back, they are in a position to be proactive and make choices that generate positive change that allows them to turn their lives around.    

Accredited Care-leavers Course 

Open College Network West Midlands Level 1 Award in Employability and Development Qualification entitled ‘Developing Personal Development Skills’

Over a quarter of offenders have gone through the care system. We provide a self empowerment course where there is greater focus on identity and building positive relationships in order to empower participants towards increasing self appreciation and building trust so that they can develop positive attitude towards their personal potential, their support systems and their future prospects.

Accredited Effective Peer Mentors Course

Open College Network West Midlands Level 2 Award in Peer Mentoring Qualification

After the completion of  our Self Empowerment course, service users will have developed essential soft skills such as self confidence, self-control, communication, group work, enthusiasm, leadership skills and life-skills. These skills are needed to become a self aware, disciplined, and skilful peer mentor who is successfully able to help others who have walked their path. This will accelerate the likelihood of sustainability and create more promising future prospects for mentoring service users.

Through the Gate service

We offer a service that includes meeting at the gate, access to our network which includes telephone and messaging support, one to one career coaching sessions, inspirational mentor meets and support with general service users appointments.

 How do participants benefit?

AVision offers a relatable learning experience in which participants feel completely comfortable. We also ensure a welcoming, positive environment which is fundamental to progress and achievement.  Participants that complete our courses will gain an Open College Network West Midlands Level 1 or Level 2 Award. These are nationally recognised qualifications that can enhance existing CV’s.

Ultimately, AVision encourages confidence through self-awareness. It is often the case that individuals with low self esteem are their own worst enemies.  Once our participants begin to understand how their thought patterns and behaviours are holding them back, they are able to take control, responsibility and turn their lives around

Working with probationary services

Upon release, ex-offenders can become vulnerable and directionless despite genuine intentions to integrate back into their communities. The sudden loss of structure and many temptations can prove to be extremely challenging. AVision workshops are designed to motivate participants and help them to maintain focus and remain on a positive track.


“I was struck by the sense of family amongst the group. During their time on the course, they had evidently made really strong and supportive relationships with one another. Most impressively AVision had helped everyone to recognise their own worth and potential. ”

Clare James, Probation Officer, Perry Barr Probation
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